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Blukids is an Italian brand dedicated to clothing and accessories for children aged 0-15, part of the Upim and OVS group.

100% Bio Cotton clothing are the key word of Blukids.

Clothing made of cotton grown in soils uncontaminated with pesticides and chemicals ensures the softness and proper ventilation of your children’s skin

Blukids quality is synonymous with practicality and functionality, while also building an excellent price-quality ratio.

Blukids follows innovations by introducing the use of Bamboo Fiber to the category of newborns. Bamboo fiber is antibacterial, hypoallergenic fiber, which provides protection by 98% of the child from UV rays and provides natural control of odors.

Paili is also part of the constituent fibers of Blukids collections.

Paili is a light and thermal fiber that provides comfort to your child.

Blukids follows the latest fashion trends and is ranked as a modern and contemporary brand, where in addition to clothing you can find accessories, swimwear and shoes.

Italian design, colors and styles characterize Blukids outfits for everyday use and for your little ones ’holiday or birthday occasions.

Blukids has the exclusivity of important patents like Disney, Warmer Broses and Marvel.

Blukids outfits are certified by OEKO TEX, a worldwide quality testing and certification system. OEKO TEX certification is a competitive advantage for Blukids.

Blukids is part of the Better Cotton Initiative campaign, as a brand with high social responsibility.

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