With Mopita, fast, healthy and non-stick cooking is realized, creating comfort and pleasure in food preparation. Cook as a professional with MOPITA.

M– Modern O– Original P– Passionate I– Italian T– Transparent A– Worship

“We are Italian for: the taste of beauty, the love of tradition, the pleasure of creativity and the desire to travel the world. In everything else, we are a bit Swiss. “

Mopita products have 5 layers of Whitford which make the food not sticky. The outer layer is bronze PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), the interaction of bronze with PTFE makes the product heavy-duty good thermal conductor and retains heat for a long time.


Non-stick coatings should not be washed with harsh sponges or in the dishwasher. Only wooden spoons or silicone should be used during cooking. The maximum temperature of use is 280 °.


Mopita has 2 years warranty. The warranty covers defects that have been caused during the production of the product. The warranty does not include damages related to negligent use or damages caused by non-compliance with the relevant instructions

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