Swarovski Warranty

Swarovski products are accompanied by a two-year International warranty which covers the entire broad range of products purchased items of official sales representative brand Swarovski.

After closing the sale, for each product purchased by the customer, Swarovski provides an Originality Certificate and a Brochure which contains advice regarding the care of Swarovski products.

The certificate serves as proof of purchase and originality for the products purchased at the Swarovski brand.

The valid Authenticity Certificate contains the following information:

  • Article number
  • Purchase date

The seal and signature of the official sales point representing the Swarovski brand.

The warranty covers only damages that under the conditions imposed by Swarovski is not caused by accident or improper use, ordinary consumption, modification, repair attempts or negligence on the part of customers.

If any such defect appears to be caused by production, Swarovski offers replacement product with the same or similar product in his absence.

Watches make exception, for which Swarovski offers repair of the product and not its replacement.

This warranty service is provided free of charge.