Swatch, an icon and provocative watch, which saved the Swiss watch industry, thanks to its visionary founder Nicolas Hayek.

The Swiss Made watch mechanism with 51 constituent elements, designs, colors, and democratic price, are the values ​​that characterize Swatch. Since its creation in March 1983, to this day, Swatch is one of the most famous brands in the world, with hundreds of millions of watches sold.

On average, a new Swatch model is created every day and a half.


Collaboration with art is a treasure and Swatch is one of the first major brands to consider the importance of this collaboration.

Swatch watches are known like a framework to artists, the largest art gallery in the world that stands on hand, because even the smallest details have a dramatic impact on the original silhouette of the watch.

Known for revolutionary concepts, creative models and provocation of pleasure, Swatch continues to surprise audiences thanks to collaborations with artists such as: Kiki Picasso, Keith Haring, Vivienne Westwood, Manish Arora, Jeremy Scott, Damien Hirst.

Swatch brand is the main partner of the “Venice Biennale” for the 5th year in a row.

Founded in 1895, today the “Venice Biennale” is one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. Every two years, the Venice Biennale attracts more than 600,000 visitors and a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions and events.

Since 2010, Swatch has reopened under the name “Swatch Art Peace Hotel” one of the most legendary buildings in Shanghai, China.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel concept is really about artists and their work. Artists are invited to stay in one of the 18 workshops and apartments at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel for a period of three to six months, to create and exhibit their creations.

With this world-class center for contemporary art, culture and hospitality, where art is the supreme luxury, Swatch clearly emphasizes the presence in this part of the world.


Swatch remains a pioneer in supporting sports such as: Skiing, Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Drone Races, etc. The Swatch team has been joined by the best athletes who aim to inspire, rather than just win: Alexander Horst, Anne-Flore Marxer, Clemens Doppler, Coco Ho, Cody Townsend, Courtney Conlogue, Niko Vuignier, Sam ANTHAMATTEN.

Swatch DNA is embodied in that of the most talented athletes breaking boundaries!


Thirty years ago, in 1990, a small group of people came together with a passion for Swatch watches and formed what was then called “Swatch Collectors”.

Every year, in order to honor the members of the Swatch Club, a special watch is produced in limited quantities and organizes events with different themes.

Today, more than 100 countries around the world have joined the Swatch Club and count the seconds for the crazy event or surprise!

Caution: A Swatch watch creates addiction!


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